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COVID19 and e-Learning

World is Changing & so We are!

Respected Parents & Dear Students,

We hope you are all safe and doing well under these unprecedented times. We want to update you regarding all our plans for enabling you to continue your studies in the academic year of 2020 through 2021.

We realize that this is a difficult time for everyone – especially our students. Schools around the globe have been brainstorming and focusing on ways to make online schooling more and more efficient. While keeping this mind and prioritizing the academic quality of their online schooling we have come up with well thought and planned strategies.

We are now introducing a special Virtual Study Support System for our students. This system will make sure that you are provided with quality education online, as we did on campus over the past few years. It will be appreciated and beneficial if all students make an effort to attend the online lectures and watch the lecture videos posted on YouTube for their convenience. These lectures are available for all our students from Prenursery till Grade 10th. Even if school is online, this pandemic does not stop you from succeeding in your studies and carrying on with your life like you used to.

Academic advancement is integral to every individual and should not be stopped even in the face of troubling times, like the ones we are facing currently. To support and aid our students we have provided them with hardcopies of their syllabus and homework to make sure that they are still getting the proper school experience and can have a smooth transition to online schooling. These hardcopies will ensure that the students do not rely completely on their devices and are also in touch with the traditional studying style.

Lastly, we have appointed four faculty members and teachers who will be available on call at school timings i.e. 9 am to 2 pm from Monday till Friday. They will be available to cater to any concerns or queries you have regarding this transition and will guide you properly. You are more than welcome to inquire about anything and communicate any concerns that you might have. Please remember, we are here for you and will continue to support you within the best of our abilities.

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