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Salient Features

City High School is a sublime blend of high standard contemporary . . .

Salient Features

CHS is a sublime blend of high standard contemporary education with revealed moral . .
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School Campuses

CHS has 10 campuses in Faisalabad with more than 10,000 students . . .

School Campuses

CHS has 10 campuses in Faisalabad City with more than 10,000 students and about 100 certified teachers.
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Our Curriculum

Curriculum is seen as whole teaching-learning activity both inside . . .

Our Curriculum

Curriculum is seen as whole teaching-learning activity both inside & outside classroom of the school.
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An informal individual assessment test is taken combined with an . . .


An informal individual assessment test is taken combined with an interview with both the parents.
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Welcome To City High School!​

Your Career Starts With Us.

City High School (CHS) is the first and only educational institution in Faisalabad, which provides sound education to the students with special emphasis on their physical mental, moral, social and religious growth.

About CHS

It is the aim of City High School to teach children to hold their heads high, to be proud of their cultural heritage, to be confident of their future and of their ability, and to realize their ambition of a better life.


The World Is Changing & So Are We!

We hope you are all safe and doing well under these unprecedented times. We want to update you regarding all our plans for enabling you to continue your studies in this academic year.

Why Choose Us

The sole purpose of our efforts is to provide, as far as possible, that congenial atmosphere to our students in which they can come up to shoulder their responsibilities in life in a gainful manner.

Certified Teachers

The City High School gives utmost importance to the teaching faculty …


A break from the tedious school routine is essential to optimize the productivity …

Student Council

The City High School respects and gives importance to the opinions and …


The City High School has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and provides …


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What People Say?

Ateeq Ur Rehman
Ateeq Ur RehmanBrigadier
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I have travelled all across the country and often visit Faisalabad too. From various acquaintances and credible sources, I have heard impeccable reviews about the quality of education provided by the City High School. The school has without a doubt lived up to its reputation by providing quality education under the guidance of professional staff and conducive environment. Recently, its new regime, ‘Remote Learning’ during the COVID-19 crisis has also become a benchmark in the realm of imparting education even when the times are testing us. Thanks to the rapid advancement in technology, online learning is now a part of many institutions’ course offerings around the globe. Even in Pakistan, various educational institutes are taking measures to run classes online due to the COVID-19 situation. The remarkable module adopted by City High School is praiseworthy due to their efficient use of YouTube facilities. This school system provides all perks of attending your dream school, with the added convenience of having a learning experience tailored to suit almost every lifestyle. Another remarkable feature that distinguishes City High School from others is their scheme of extending the access to parents even on weekends. It would not only keep them informed and in loop but will also help in making improvements by their given suggestions. Warm regards and wishes for the management and administration of the City High School.
Advocate Shahzad Bashir Cheema
Advocate Shahzad Bashir CheemaPresident of District Bar Association
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Being in touch with the entire locality of Faisalabad and listening to my own relatives’ reviews, I can vouch for the quality and standard of educational services provided by City High School. It is one of the best educational institution in Faisalabad, as they develop a sense of independence, learning, and guidance in its students. They develop self-discipline, giving students time to consider the effects of their actions, and to know the difference between right and wrong. In this institution, the students achieve their full potential, both academically and socially. They develop an understanding and respect within their students for the community, the environment, and the world as a whole. I also feel that the students of this institution develop the resilience to adapt and benefit from the broadening opportunities and challenges that come with life. The school’s services are worth every penny paid. They are also equipped with the necessary skills to leave City High School and start their journey to adult life as a confident, responsible, and independent citizen to make a useful contribution to the society.
Mohammad Kashif
Mohammad KashifAdditional Session Judge
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I am delighted to write a few lines describing my great experience with City High School. Having my two daughters schooled here, I can guarantee that this institute promotes a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle amongst its students. Here, pupils are made aware of their role in building a considerate and cohesive community, that is inclusive and values the diversity of all its students within the school gates and beyond. At City High School, parents are fully involved in their child's learning. The school also encourages active partnerships and positive links amongst its students for the benefit of the entire community. The school helps its students to attain big achievement and kindles a spirit of lifelong learning by working actively with their teachers. The faculty is up to date with all the new teaching techniques and methodologies practiced across the world in every successful school. Moreover, the recent development of ‘Remote Learning’ by City High School is an exemplary step towards taking essential learning and education online, and also keeping it within the reach of every student even amidst a pandemic. I am sure and optimistic that the developmental journey of this school’s students will only go uphill, no matter what the situation is.
Hassan Nawaz Tarar
Hassan Nawaz TararFormer Special Secretary School Education, Government of Punjab
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City High School Faisalabad (CHS) enjoys its sterling reputation on the basis of its professional faculty and the numerous facilities it provides to its student body for their personal growth and professional development.As Faisalabad’s premier academic institute, CHS can take pride on its state-of-the-art campus and innovative teaching practices to impart education to the next generation of leaders. Each branch of CHS is equipped with computer and science laboratories to provide much needed practical experience to students.In light of prevailing circumstances with respect to COVID-19, it is commendable that CHS is using digital communication channels to impart quality education to its student body. With the pandemic, it is evident that this method of teaching will undoubtedly become the primary mode of academic instruction in the future.An institution that takes care of its students’ spiritual, physical and mental needs is one that is well invested in the future of its pupils and beyond academic teaching, is focused on grooming and creating individuals that are well-equipped to address all challenges of life. CHS’ recreational activities ensure that students strengthen their bonds with their peers and ensure they have stress-free leisure to ensure greater productivity in their studies.
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