About e-Learning

e-Learning or Remote learning is teaching and learning that happens when the student and teacher are not in the same place at the same time. While it is not a perfect replacement for face-to-face classes, it does have the advantage of being accessible 24/7. That means that you can access the learning whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. You can take your class at 8am or at 8pm, at home or at your grandparent’s home! You are in charge of your own learning which develops your sense of responsibility, your ability to self-motivate and your ability to be committed. These are all great character traits and practicing them now, will make you a successful adult!

Prior to March/April, neither our students nor our teachers had ever actively conducted or participated in virtual learning. The session conducted after Spring Break was designed to familiarize all of us with the idea of E-Learning.

Now that we are more familiar with Google Classroom and using technology to teach, learn and communicate, we expect much greater participation from all students. Your teachers have worked really hard to develop some fun learning experiences to complete all the learning that was scheduled for this academic year. There are live classes scheduled in Google Meet, interactive lessons and some exciting new ways to collaborate. We feel confident that you will enjoy all that your teachers have planned for you.

We understand that you miss seeing and talking to your friends and teachers at school and we miss having all of you back on campus. We understand that it can get lonely working without your friends around you. However, we are working hard to make it safe enough for you to come back to school and as soon as we feel that we can keep you safe, we will get you back in.

Until then, we need you to work hard so that your brain keeps getting the exercise it needs to perform well and doesn’t become too lazy. Just like your body needs exercise to function well, your brains need exercise too.

Meets are scheduled so that you can interact with your teachers and fellow students. Attending live sessions is highly recommended as you can have discussions with your teachers and classmates and ask your teacher questions.

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