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City High School (CHS) is the first and only educational institution in Faisalabad, which provides sound education to the students with special emphasis on their physical mental, moral, social and religious growth.

The sole purpose of our efforts is to provide, as far as possible, that congenial atmosphere to our students in which they can come up to shoulder their responsibilities in life in a gainful manner.

City High School, previously known as the City Cadet School, is a locally established school with a phenomenal academic background, welcoming students for prenursery as well as high school. The school was found in 1993 due to the overwhelming demand by parents for a school that uses modern and efficient learning techniques. The City High School equips its students with essential knowledge and skill for living a successful and content life. The school focuses on instilling in its students the ability to communicate freely and confidently, having competence and confidence amongst themselves, and have a sense of responsibility and tolerance, as well as a moral-ethical compass.

We take pride in our endeavors to arm students with essential knowledge and skills for academic excellence, in particular, the ability and confidence to study and learn. There is something special about City High School that makes visitors regularly comment on the distinctive atmosphere here, the uncommon bond that exists between the students and teachers. The school has a particular ethos, a rare quality of its own, which has been kept alive over time by the excellent faculty and administration.

We are one of the few schools that offer a high-class education from Pre-Nursery till Matriculation. Our school is a busy and stimulating place for learning, where children are nurtured, and their talents are appreciated and further polished. Our school has a supportive, caring, and respectful environment, not just for academics but also in regard to the character and personality development of our students. We invite you to be a part of our impeccable community and be a part of this important life journey of your child.

City High School welcomes you and hopes that this message will encourage you to join us in this expedition of your child’s academic and personal advancement. We look forward to catering to any concerns or queries you may have regarding your child’s future with us.


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