Salient Features

Certified Teachers

The City High School gives utmost importance to the teaching faculty since our teachers do not just teach your child the respective subjects but also influence and train them for adult life. Our teachers receive their qualifications from the top universities and institutions across the world and country. Every teacher has a Bachelor’s of Education (B.Ed) and at least 10 years of teaching experience that makes them perfectly qualified to teach and guide your child. Having stelar credentials and academic experience, our teachers are best equipped to share their expertise and inculcate the best of knowledge in your child.

Certified Teacher

Recreational Activities

A break from the tedious school routine is essential to optimize the productivity of students. To make school life more enjoyable for students we have various functions such as bake sales, excursions and outings such as trips, and national and religious celebrations such as Eid Milans and Independence Day. All these activities promote the mental wellbeing of students and also keeps them connected to their roots. More importantly, these activities bring children closer to each other and the schools, strengthens their interpersonal bonds with their peers, and always gives them something to look forward to after a tiresome day of studying and playing.

Recreational Activities

Students Council

The City High School respects and gives importance to the opinions and needs of its students. To have a better representation of students we have a well organized student council system that consists of prefects for each class, head boy and head girl for the entire student body, to communicate the concerns of the students to the administration. The toppers from each section becomes the prefects and the toppers from the entire school become head boy and head girl. This system leads to the benefit of all students and introduces them to civilized mannerism that is essential to practical life.

Students' Competitions

Introducing and involving children in healthy competitions is key in stimulating mental and physical growth in them. The City High School prioritizes this and provides a wide range of competitive activities for the students to indulge in, giving special attention to sports. Physical fitness is as important as intelligence exercises, so there will be various sport competitions which will allow children to indulge and specialize in different sports under the guidance of trained experts. Children will polish their skills in different sports like football, cricket, badminton, table tennis, and even more. The school will have quiz competitions about various subjects and genres on regular basis to encourage children in exploring and discovering the world of knowledge and sharpening their skills. There will be oratory competitions held that will boost the confidence in children and teach them the etiquettes and basics of impactful public speaking. Moreover, the prize distribution ceremonies will also teach children to work hard for rewards and appreciation.


The City High School has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and provides the best facilities to its students. We have an excellent network of ten branches all across Faisalabad, making the best education accessible to the entire city. Every branch has computer and science laboratories for a hands-on practical experience for the students. Well designed classrooms, open playgrounds, and canteens are also an integral part of the school infrastructure and will provide your child the proper school life experience he or she deserves. In addition to that, special attention is given to the sanitation and safety of toilet facilities, shoe polishers and hand dryers are also available around the clock for your child’s convenience. 

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